Substance Abuse Counselor, Sr.

Job Description
Facility: SW Illinois Correctional Center - In-Prison
Compensation Base: $14.85-$16.43 Per Hour
Compensation Bonus (if applicable):
Equal Opportunity Employer.
This position is responsible for assuring that all internal policies and guidelines and external contract requirements and DASA licensing obligations are fulfilled.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Trains and develops staff on the mission, policies, objectives (short and long term); conducts therapeutic community program training.
Assists with the establishment of management strategic plans, policies, procedures, programmatic direction and standards.
Monitors program staff and related program activities.
Develops and maintains correctional contract professional relationships and attends any meetings or functions as required by the facility management.
Conducts and documents clinical team meetings and staff meetings; schedules employees as per compliance and therapeutic community program training.
Completes reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually as required.
Monitors programming and services to ensure that program and DASA licensing standards are in compliance.
Disseminates internal policies and procedures.
Monitors tracking and outcome questionnaire data to improve delivery of services and to establish overall effectiveness of program.
Works as a team member with entire treatment and ancillary staff to promote consistent and coordinated efforts.
Reviews clinical files and perform individual record audits for licensing compliance and required documentation to ensure delivery of services.
Maintains client caseload and provide individual and group counseling as per the Correctional Recovery Program elements as well as perform ASI Assessments.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Job Requirements
Certification in Chemical and Alcohol Dependency.
Master's degree in social or human services field preferred. (Five years relevant experience may be substituted for Master's degree if the candidate possesses management experience.)
Two (2) years of experience in a forensic therapeutic community or residential program as an administrator or supervisor.
Experience or expertise with offender populations is preferred.

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